Monday, January 28, 2008

Ive been wanting to add a few verses to my cards since the beginning, but have never had many inspirations. So here are a few of my first 'verse cards'.

This was a bit of a fun 'throw-together'! I just kept on adding, and this is what came about!

This is my sister's favourite, it was actually a fun one to make and to play around with! and it was great being able to find another way to add verses.

I made this card for my younger Brothers 21st! He absolutley Loved it, and he even told me so, which was a great suprise and treasure for me, as he is a typical bloke and doesnt usually openly express delight in such things as cards.

I made this wee peanut family for our 'pre-birth educator'. I just love the peanuts!
I made these little boots out of FIMO. Its such a fantastic product! It can be a little heavy on the card if too much is used, but it really is super stuff!

My sister-in-law is a runner, and she'd just run a half marathon and had come 3rd! so out came this card! Its another FIMO card, which was SO much fun to make. Timely, but fun.

And here's my baby collection. I still have a lot of ideas for more baby cards, i just have to get the ideas onto card.

My FIMO fishing rod card

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Doda said...

Hi there,
I discovered your blogs today from a link on creative jewish mom.
You're cards are lovely, and your family is adorable. I shall be back to visit again. God bless you.